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At the Kids’ Corral, the infant room provides a nurturing and stimulating environment, while providing loving care to each child. Our low infant to caregiver ratio allows for the best possible environment for your child.

At The Kid’s Corral, infants are cared for by trained staff in a loving, clean and safe environment. In the infant room our staff works with families and infants to follow individual schedules, which meet the needs of each infant. As well, our staff works with each infant to achieve developmentally appropriate milestones in the areas of language development, small and gross motor skills, social and emotional development, music, movement and song.

Daily activities you experience with your child at home, such as smiling, talking, playing and stimulating will also be part of their day at The Kid’s Corral. This kind of individual attention and stimulation is important for your child’s cognitive and social-emotional growth.

In addition, we offer a developmentally appropriate outdoor play area for our infants, allowing them fresh air and fun exploration. Parents receive a daily report to keep them informed of their child’s activities and advancements.

We provide daily sheets to inform parents of all that their baby accomplished during the day including eating, diaper changing, playing and individual achievements.

Like parents, our teachers understand that babies grow and learn best when they feel secure.  Our staff is trained specifically to work with infants to develop trusting and secure relationships so that the babies know their teachers will be right there to help if they are hungry, wet, or uncomfortable.

Our teachers become familiar with the eating and sleeping rhythms of the individual babies in their care. They stay in tune with the rapidly changing needs of each baby. For example, young infants usually enjoy being held and cuddled, but when they can move around by themselves, they may push someone away in order to be on their own.  Before infants become mobile, they can’t do very much to provide themselves with interesting objects and experiences.  Our teachers’ strong knowledge of child development and of each individual infant, allows them to sense when experiences are not challenging enough and when they are too overwhelming. Once older infants begin to use words, teachers often support these early attempts at communication by repeating what they say and adding to or elaborating upon it (Child: “Milk!” Teacher: “Milk? You want more milk?”).  Teachers also name things and actions, and watch and listen carefully for other cues.  In addition, our teachers use as much sign language as possible to further verbal development.

Many changes occur in a baby’s first year. It seems that at one moment he/she is clinging to you at the sight of a stranger and at the next he/she’s off exploring on her own. As your baby becomes more independent, you may be delighted, but wistful too.

A good relationship between parents and teachers helps ease parents’ minds and helps children begin a lifelong pursuit of learning. The more families and teachers communicate, the better they can provide for the child’s changing needs.  At The Kid’s Corral, we encourage open communication so that we can best serve our children and families.