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The NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children), reports that children have five core components of development: socio-emotional, language, cognitive, physical, and aesthetic.We, at The Kid’s Corral, spent a great deal of time researching many curriculums before choosing the nationally-approved and renowned curriculum, Pinnacle.

What Is Pinnacle Curriculum?

Marketed by the Child Care Institute,, the Pinnacle curriculum is based on the works of Piaget, Gardner, and Erikson. The lessons include hands-on, center-based activities that promote the development of emerging skills. Written by early childhood experts with years of child care experience, Pinnacle Curriculum provides a research-based educational foundation for infants through elementary aged children. It also features the best all-around program elements for the children and teachers.

Pinnacle is a guide for the daily curriculum of the early childhood classroom. It is designed to assist teachers with program planning that encourages children to develop their emerging skills in all developmental areas (socio-emotional, language, cognitive, physical, and aesthetic). The program offers activities for both group time and the learning areas, and teachers have an abundance of ideas to enrich the learning centers in their classroom. The activities meet learning objectives that help children move toward their potential as they explore the materials and activities in the classroom.

Because Pinnacle Curriculum offers teachers so many ideas in an easy- to-use format, the burden of program planning is lighter and more time is available for meeting the individual needs of each child.

Each month of curriculum contains five weeks of programming, centered on a specific theme and tailored to the development skills for each age group. The teachers expand on the units using their own creativity. From infant through pre-school, the themes grab your child’s attention as they grow and master their skills.

Our after-school program also provides students with support in completing homework assignments, as well as encouraging students to be active outside and enjoy free time.



PRE-SCHOOL (Threes and Fours)

The Kid’s Corral focuses on offering a well-rounded program to meet all of the core components of development. These components are offered in a safe, clean, loving environment in which children can grow and thrive.